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How does it work?

The jewellery is made to your requirements, so it is useful if you have an idea of what type of jewellery you would like. This page is here to help you decide.

It is preferred if you have decided on your wedding dress before you order your jewellery, as the wedding dress often has decorations or colours that the jewellery should match with. It is useful for me to know what your dress looks like, so take a photo when you try the dress on, or if there is a model photo online, you can send me the link.

A lot of wedding salons also have jewellery and tiaras on display. Some are even made to match certain dresses. However, these are often quite expensive, and may not fit your style or colour theme. The solution is to get your jewellery hand made to your requirements.

To get an idea of what you like, I suggest you have a look at wedding jewellery in salons, on the internet and in wedding magazines. Or perhaps you have an idea yourself of what you would like?

Then you have to think about what jewellery you want. Do you want a tiara or alice band? Or perhaps a comb or decorative hair pins? Talk to your hair dresser, as this will often affect what head decorations you should choose. Then think of whether you want a necklace, earrings, a bracelet. You may not need all of them, it will depend on your dress, and how you feel about it.

If you already have some jewellery you want to use, I can of course make items to match. A photo and description of the colour is helpful, and I may send you a colour sample of the beads I suggest using, so that you can compare the colours. I will also need to know your measurements - for bracelets, I need to know the circumference of your wrist, and for necklaces, it is best if you measure the length of a necklace that fits you well.

When I know what you like, I will send you a suggestion of what I plan to make for you, and then start making your jewellery. Once it is finished, I will send you photos of the jewellery, and when you are happy with it, I will send it to you by post.

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